NCSL Announces New Part-Time Administrator

Over the past year, the National Capital Soccer League has experienced tremendous growth due to the merger of league operations with Washington Area Girls Soccer. To accommodate the increased workload and ensure each club receives the same great service they are accustomed to, the NCSL Executive Committee decided to hire a part-time contractor to help Administrator Kathleen Sessions administer the league. The NCSL President appointed a subcommittee of the EC consisting of the VP, Treasurer, and R&D Chairman to identify and interview candidates. That subcommittee unanimously recommended that Alison Smith take on these tasks on a temporary basis as a contract employee. The remainder of the EC voted unanimously in support of the recommendation (the President abstained).


Alison has worked with Kathleen on a volunteer basis for several seasons, most recently helping her with scheduling small-sided games for the 2017 Fall season. The EC values Alison’s past volunteer contributions, her attention to detail, and her knowledge of Demosphere. She is dedicated to the sport of soccer and is certified as a Grade 8 Referee in DC/Virginia. Alison will assist Kathleen into the Spring 2018 season. 


If you have any questions please direct them to VP Eric Popiel at